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Skin Care

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Luna 4

product review positives
I got the Foreo Luna mini 3 in the shade mint and it’s soooo beautiful. I think this has to be my fave product of 2023. I’ve only used it a couple times so far and each time it has made my skin go from rough to incredibly smooth right after my shower. My skin literally glows with it!! Idk how it cleans so well, but I had a few stubborn blackheads and it removed those too. The bristles are so soft and I love that it has so many different intensities. There’s a back side with slightly rougher bristles, which is also useful but I haven’t found the need for that side yet. The front is already so effective! I’ve heard the battery life lasts for a really long time too so I’m excited to for that. It also has an app it can pair with for different cool lymphatic facial massages. The app also guides you if you’re not too sure about how long to move it in one area, but if you’re still confused there’s many helpful YouTube videos on it. This was definitely worth it. I’ll def be repurchasing to gift these to my family and friends.
product review negatives
I wish they didn’t have so many options to choose from, but that is really my only con. I love this brand!




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