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Rice Daily Brightening




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Rice Daily Brightening

Rice Daily Brightening

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Rice Daily Brightening

product review positives
šŸŒ· Instant softening and brightening effect šŸŒ· Gentle physical exfoliation that can be used often - Rice is one of my go-to skincare ingredients for when I wanna see instant results. It packs a big punch when it comes to softening and brightening the skin. Skinfood's rice mask is made with a high concentration of rice bran water and glycerin, and it has a moist and grainy texture to help provide moisture along with gentle physical exfoliation. (Contrary to what some may think, the grains in this are not rice, but jojoba esters! This makes them very soft and gentle on the skin.) I use this mask around once a week in the shower, because the texture can be a bit messy. I like to spread a thick layer across my entire face, let it sit for the duration of the shower, and then gently rinse it off with scrubbing motions across my face using my hands. After using it, my face is noticeably softer, smoother, and looks just a bit more bright. The mask is heavily perfumed- I have very sensitive skin, so fragrance can sometimes be an issue, but this mask has never caused me any irritation. If you're looking for a gentle exfoliant mask that can be used regularly while also providing moisture to your skin, I recommend this one!
product review negatives
šŸ‚ Heavily fragranced - You may dislike it if heavy fragrances cause you headaches or other forms of irritation. Since the grains in this mask are so soft, you may also want to look elsewhere if you're specifically wanting a scrub exfoliant.




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