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PK004 Red Bean Red




beebybabby review for PK004 Red Bean Red

Lip Stain & Tint

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PK004 Red Bean Red

PK004 Red Bean Red

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PK004 Red Bean Red

product review positives
šŸŒ· Comfortable watery-gel texture šŸŒ· Feels moisturizing but not sticky šŸŒ· Lovely color choices and glossy finish šŸŒ· Subtle sweet scent šŸŒ· Cute packaging - At first, I absolutely loved this product. It has a beautiful watery texture while still having a bit of thickness to it to make it feel moisturizing and smooth. The color (Red Bean Red) is beautiful and especially at the time it was a little tough to find more muted colors in tints like this! It has a sweet scent and wears well on the lips. Pretty glossy finish.
product review negatives
šŸ‚ Product seperated/spoiled(?) very early! - I don't know if this is a common problem, but mine seperated and became strange after only a couple months. The color in the tube became pure white in parts, and when you'd swatch or apply it, it would seperate into water droplets. (In the pic I provided you can see that the product is obviously expired now, but it was practically brand new when it began looking like that!) I may have just gotten a bad batch, but it's still really odd. Assuming this was some kind of fluke, the product when new is wonderful and I recommend it- but if it's a common issue, then maybe not lol. šŸ„¹




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