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Balm Gel Cleanser

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Balm Gel Cleanser

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This is an amazingly gentle cleanser that does not strip my skin. I’ve tried literally hundreds and this is one of the best of the best. The gel to balm texture is also a very pleasant experience to use.
product review negatives
Personally, this is not necessarily bad, but I don’t like that. It is hard to remove. I personally prefer cream cleansers where you can just rinse it off not things that require a washcloth. To be clear, this doesn’t require a washcloth, but it does require a longer amount of time than most cleansers for me to remove all of the product and usually when I am washing my face at night. I am tired and not interested in this laborious process. I am also acne prone and I have noticed I have a little bit more acne. I use retinol because I have dry sensitive skin so I would rather use the retinol to get rid of acne, then have a harsh cleanser, but I do believe that there are cleansers that can do that it all. for people with severe acne, I would recommend this only as a first cleanse.




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