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Q10 Renew Night Cream




TheLittleChikk review for Q10 Renew Night Cream


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Q10 Renew Night Cream

product review positives
What I like about this product is how affordable it is. In the UK it's £1.50 which is probably one of the most cheapest skincare products I've ever purchased. It's also 50 ml, though you only need a little bit as it spreads very easily. Notable ingredients include: Avocado Oil, Retinol Complex and Coenzyme 10. Upon opening, there's a foil seal to ensure freshness and peeling that open reveals a yellow-y thick cream inside. There's a strong fragrance of perfume which some people may not enjoy, but my skin doesn't mind fragrance, so it's not a deal breaker for me. When applied, it's super thick and nourishing but absorbs quickly into the skin with minimal massaging is needed. It's great for using during the winter months or for using with Retinols and other harsh ingredients. My skin feels moisturized after applying this cream, and it leaves no greasy residue behind.
product review negatives
The fragrance may be strong for some.




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