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Hydra Touch Primer

Nyx Cosmetics

Nyx Cosmetics


beebybabby review for Hydra Touch Primer

Face Primer

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Hydra Touch Primer

product review positives
🌷 Hydrating and helps to seal in moisture 🌷 Leaves a silky and glowy finish 🌷 Helps makeup apply smoothly 🌷 Non-greasy 🌷 Hygienic packaging and good price - I have very dry and sensitive skin, but I prefer to use a loose powder foundation. Because of this, I look for primers that leave my skin hydrated and will maintain moisture beneath my makeup without being sticky. I love this primer! It's a very slightly blue, water gel consistency that blends out clear with a silky but glowy finish. I can feel the way it helps to pack more water into my face and seal in my skincare. Because it leaves a silky smooth finish, I have no trouble buffing my loose powder on top of it and it doesn't cause any pigment to cling or cake up. The extra hydration it provides as well as the silicone base make pores look reduced and smoothed over. It does have a faint citrusy scent which I find pleasant, but it doesn't linger nor did it cause me any irritation. I love this product for my dry skin, but I think it would also be well suited to oily skin that becomes dehydrated, since the finish is non-greasy and won't cause your makeup to break down throughout the day!
product review negatives
πŸ‚It has added fragrance and some artificial coloring. Neither irritated me though!




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Fantastic detailed review. Thank you. Great to know I can even use this for a sensitive skin although it has fragrance and artificial coloring and didn't irritated you. Would definitely like to try it.

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