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Pretty Filter Glassy Skin Balm

Touch In Sol

Touch In Sol


kb24 review for Pretty Filter Glassy Skin Balm

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Pretty Filter Glassy Skin Balm

product review positives
Hello everyone I was gifted from picky, touch in sol pretty filter. Pretty filter is a glassy skin balm/moisturizer. When first used the Touch in sol, balm I instantly smelled a fragrance of cherry blossom/rose. I noticed this is the second k beauty moisturizer I received that smelled of rose flower, I guess it a common scent to put in the skincare items. The second layer or frangrance after the rose flower, for me is citrus and a little bit baby powder. The scent in my opinion, is a little strong, I wish it was not scented or just citrus instead. When applying the cream it”s on the thick side, make sure to only used a little bit because the product can easily make your skin feeling greasy, we all just want the glow/dewy affect, not greased. What can be used for: The glassy balm states, it used for hydratiing the skin, and also as a primer. In my opinion I don’t think it not the best for primer, because it a heavy cream and usually face primer or thin or more serum based. End results. I have dry skin right now due to winter time and use a lot of moisturizer on my skin then spring/summer time. I noticed my skin when wearing the balm for a couple of hours was tingling a little, and did the same when I first put it on. When reading the ingredients it has citric acid, for me so reason my skin is against it and sadly I always have the next day, a pimple that can”t be pop called a nodule. There has been times citrus product helped my skin and didn’t break me out, so I guess it based on how strong it”s and the acid involved.
product review negatives
For me it not bad, but I think this might be too heavy as a primer. I think it should be only labeled as moisturizer, especially if you have oily skin. The second is my skin just doesn’t agree with some citrus acid ingredient, some do great on my skin and others break me out the next day.




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Great review
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I have been using this and my makeup has never looked better! 🩷🩷 Thanks for sharing 🩷
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Oh i wanna try this cuz im tired of using and repurchasing cotton pads for removing my makeup

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