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Heartleaf Cream




Justalittleredheadx review for Heartleaf Cream

Skin Care

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Heartleaf Cream

product review positives
Benton Cosmetic Kindly sent me these products in exchange of my Honest Review 💕 From their Heartleaf Line! I wasn't too familiar with this Special ingredient. HEARTLEAF is used as a plant to control harmful elements in the body & is renowned to be excellent in treating different skin conditions. It soothes the skin & provides relief from the heat sensation caused by external factors. It also delivers Moisture & Nutrition, helping the skin restore its Natural Strength. 💕 Benton 💖 Heartleaf Toner ▫️Soothing + Pore Care. ▫️Recommended for Sensitive/oily skin. Benton 💖 Heartleaf Cream ▫️Moisturizing + Pore Care. ▫️Light texture for all skin types. These 2 products together works great at Soothing & Moisturizing my Sensitive skin. My skin is left feeling comfortable! 💕 Thank you @bentoncosmetic 💖
product review negatives
After using it for a couple of days, I realized that it wasn't moisturizing enough for my dry, 34yo skin, living in Canada. But I will happily come back to it next Summer! 💕




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