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Real Floral Essence Calendula




Codermary review for Real Floral Essence Calendula


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Real Floral Essence Calendula

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I was super excited that Nacific sent me their Real Floral Essence Calendula. Nacific Real Floral Calendula Essence is designed for those struggling with dry, damaged, or even sensitive skin to effectively soothe and calm irritation. It has a thin gel-like consistency that absorbs fairly quickly and a delicate and pretty scent. I love Calendula as a skincare ingredient because it improves texture and helps to balance the oil-moisture content to create dewy, healthy skin. It also containsTea Trea which is great for acne-troubled skin and Hyaluronic Acid which everyone knows is a star ingredient for hydrating the skin. I really like this essense and how it makes my complexion look and feel. It has a smooth clear finish and is very softening. It takes a minute to dry down but I feel like it's just taking the time to deeply penetrate my skin barrier and after moisturizer this is a non-issue. The result is soft, smooth, soothed, skin that feels healthy, calm, and hydrated and that's exactly I want from an Essence. I would recommend this product with the utmost confidence for all skin types and especially during this time of year when weather can be harsh on your skin. I look forward to trying many other Nacific brand products. Thank you for gifting me this lovely floral essence @nacific
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