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Snail Bee Ultimate Serum+




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Skin Care

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Snail Bee Ultimate Serum+

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Bakuchiol Serum Ingredients 💕Psoreal corylifolia leaf and Psoreal corylifolia seed Benefits 🌱 anti oxidant age defying serum - fights free radicals and protects the skins barrier, restores elasticity and brightness and fights wrinkles. Serum has a slight clay colored tint, smells delightful and leaves my skin feeling tighter and moisturized. This is the first snail line that I have absolutely loved. Most snail products are kind of sticky and icky, although the snail secretion generally has amazing benefits, I don't like using them because of the texture. Not this line; it has no sticky, icky feel and just leaves my skin feeling marvelous. 1000% recommend these products.
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