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Ceramide Cream 10000ppm




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Ceramide Cream 10000ppm

product review positives
Got this in exchange for my honest review for picky and benton. Packaging -80ml tube Yass gurl love tubes. The tube is easily manipulated so that you can squeeze all the products out once you almost finish this. Also comes with a safety seal. Claims Moisturizing Healthy skin Sensitive-skin friendly Non-comedogenic Ingredients Ceramide NP - barrier's best friend. It is a crucial element if you want to heal a broken barrier Trehalose- i love this for hydration of the skin Shea butter - emollient Squalene - emollient, helps reduce inflammation too Multi fruit extract And more ceramides ending the list Impression A perfect balance of a cream and a gel cream. Its not too hydrating but not to creamy.. its balanced. I love this at night. Since , it doesnt get absorped almost immediately, and formed a thin layer of film on the skin, I find it better to be used alone or with a super lightweight serum. Has a pleasent smell of nothing which I always enjoy in products claiming to be sensitive-skin friendly. The big size and the way this cream glides smoothly is something I am grateful for. One of my wishlist just came true
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Short PAO😪why everything good must be short-lived?




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