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Snail & Azulene Water Essence




Skincarewithjelena review for Snail & Azulene Water Essence


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Snail & Azulene Water Essence

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Key ingredients: - 87% Snail Mucin - Chamomile Flower Extract - Guaiazulene This essence contains 87% of Snail Mucin and soothing ingredients like Guaiazulene, Chamomile and Panthenol. It also contains several fermented ingredients, Beta-Glucan and Betaine for hydration and brightening. Guaiazulene is extracted from Chamomile Flower and it reduces redness. The texture is viscous and slimey. This contains Chamomile essential oil and it has a mild scent. My experience: I have mixed opinions on this one. I'm not a fan of the texture just because it feels sticky on my skin, so I can't layer many products on top. If you have a very simple routine this will be good for you. I didn't realize that this has essential oil and I'm not a fan of this scent. It is lovely and hydrating. I prefer to use this occasionally for a diy sheet mask. It does reduce redness and irritation.
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Great review

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