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The Vitamin C23 Serum




LovelySkinCare review for The Vitamin C23 Serum


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The Vitamin C23 Serum

product review positives
📌KEY INGREDIENTS: 🔸Ascorbic Acid(23%) - powerful antioxidant, fights hyperpigmentation and uneven tone, stimulates synthesis of collagen, strengthens of vessel walls. Photoprotection Slows down the process of glycation (gluing collagen fibers with glucose). With a high % has exfoliating properties. Unstable, collapses in the light and in the air. 🔸 Tocotrienols, Tocopherol - antioxidants. Can promote skin metabolism, prevent pigmentation, improve skin elasticity and moisturize the skin. Also protect vit C against oxidation. 🔸 Caffeine - powerful antioxidant, boosts microcirculation, increases the efficacy of active ingredients. 🔸 Niacinamide + Acetyl Glucosamine - work together to fight hyperpigmentation, improve uneven skin tone and prevent photoaging. 🔸 Glutathione - antioxidant, helps to fight hyperpigmentation. 🔸 Panthenol, Squalane, Allantoin for healing and soothing. 🔸Oils for reducing the irritating potential and barrier support. 📌MY EXPERIENCE: 🔸I like that this serum goes in a dark cap bottle with a separate packaged dropper. This helps to prevent premature oxidation. When opening for the first time you can hear sound similar to opening a soda can. Keep the serum in fridge after opening (3-10C as claimed on the package). 🔸This serum is yellowish (due to beta-carotene and carrot extract) slightly oily liquid with a mild scent of oil and vit C. Don’t forget to shake the bottle lightly before applying. 🔸I apply this serum only in the PM routine on the dry clean skin because: - applying on dry clean skin helps to prevent irritation from high % of vit C - applying on the damp skin after toner gives me extremely sticky finish (it lasts ~ 5-7 minutes). On the dry skin - almost no stickiness. - the texture is uncomfortable for me for using in AM routine, feels to heavy. 🔸I didn’t notice any irritation using this serum several times in a week though I have sensitive skin on my chin. With regular use my post-summer pigmentation is gradually getting lighter, I also notice more radiant skin and even skin tone. 📌FOR WHAT SKIN: Resilient and not acne-prone skin without allergy to vit C. Fits for dry and oily skin. Prior patch-testing is needed.
product review negatives
🔸PAO is only 2 months. I'm not sure I'll be able to use the entire serum in that time 😩. 🔸Not the most comfortable texture.




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Fabulous review! Thank you for providing so much helpful information in addition to great visuals. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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