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Phloretin CF




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Phloretin CF

product review positives
The serum is very yellow in color, I had no expectations regarding the consistency, to be honest, but I prefer oil serums that also provide a nice glide on the skin and moisturize, but unfortunately this is not the case. The formula seems like an oil, but when applied to the skin it absorbs very quickly, leaving a matte finish, after a minute you no longer feel anything on the skin. There is no mention of hydration here at all. The scent is delicate and not offensive, so I didn't really care about it. As for its effectiveness, after using 15 ml every morning, it lasted me about 1.5 months, and I did not notice any significant changes on the skin. I mean, yes, I had the impression that it was slightly smoothed (salicylic acid content), but the color did not improve in any way. I don't know, somehow I expected a bit more from a serum at this price. Not that it is a bad product, but the 15 ml packaging did not encourage me to buy the full version, neither because of its finish on the skin, nor the lack of any moisturization, nor because the efficiency is not amazing, and generally because it absorbs until it becomes matte. put a lot of it on. Not that I did it, because I usually applied a few drops, but the efficiency is not the best. We feel a significant difference in our care when we use it, and the benefits stay with us when we no longer use it. Therefore, the serum does not only have an occlusive effect, but actually does good for the skin. Suitable under makeup. It does not leave a sticky or greasy layer
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To fast finish, need to buy bigger bottle




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