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Welcome to Water Village Kit




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Welcome to Water Village Kit

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I received this kit for free from Picky and Plodica in exchange for my honest review. @go.picky @pickyrewards @plodica_official This Welcome to Water Village Kit includes the three best sellers from the vegan brand plodica: Re:wake Moist Treatment: Packed with 92% lotus root extract, Plodica’s patent ingredient ARA 760, this treatment toner moistures and prepares skin for the next step of skincare. It’s also a clarifying Treatment Toner made with mild exfoliating acids to enhance skin vitality to refresh and renew skin complexion. Water-Hole Ampoule: Packed with 10 different types of hyaluronic acid, this charging hydration laying system helps boost skin barrier. Water-Bag Barrier Cream: This is the hydration coated soothing mask perfect as the last step of skincare. I have tried the trio as my skincare routine daily for a while. Step 1: After cleansing, I pat on the Re:wake Moist Treatment. It is highly concentrated essence and has a watery serum texture. It’s fast-absorbing and my skin feels soft, smooth and deeply hydrated. Step 2: I apply the Into the Water-Hole Ampoule. It has a concentrated watery ampoule texture, After applying, it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. Step 3. I apply the Water-Bag barrier cream. It has smooth cream texture, feels light weight, provides long-lasting hydration to my skin. The set has a pH balance of ~6.18 that balances the skin without irritation. It is gentle and very hydrating, works well with my sensitive skin. The packaging is pretty. The set comes in a travel-friendly box that is great for on-the-go.
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Nothing is bad about this set!




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This would work so well for my sensitive skin

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