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Heartleaf 80 Skin Toner Pad




ChristieX review for Heartleaf 80 Skin Toner Pad

Skin Care

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Heartleaf 80 Skin Toner Pad

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BENTON 80 Heartleaf Skin Toner Pads AD/PR @bentoncosmetic 🌱Vegan🌱 20 Hazardous ingredient free 📦Pakaging : 70 pre-soaked perforated pads in 210ml toner. Flip top jar with tweezers 🗝 Ingredients : 80% Houttynia Cordata Extract from.Mt Jirisan in S. KOREA for moisture, soothing & Heat Care AHA/ BHA /PHA/LHA for gentle exfoliation & sebum control & pH Balance Low Molecular HA to improve moistue, nutrition & elasticity Cynanchum atratum extract to relief irritation, soothing & protection ☘️Skin Type : Dry, Dehydrated & Sensitive ☘️ Experience : I recently had to review a very high potency Vitamin C serum of 20%. It was extremely uncomfortable & my skin was heated up. It was not painful but it was like applying a self heating mask on face. I did use the sandwich method. I used these pads right on top of the serum to soothe & cool down my skin. Right away my skin's temperature was brought down & relieved the discomfort. I was able to use small amount of the high potency vitamin C serum with the help of these clever toner toner pads. They split in half & you can use them as quick mask over areas of sensitivity like cheeks, forehead, chin or nose. I recommend you keep these as your SOS kit in your fridge. Its great ingredients can even stop an emerging/headless pimples in its track. The embossed/textured side is great for extra exfoliation besides the gentle chemical exfoliants, the smooth side is great for sensitive/sensitize skin to balance your pH & to hydrate skin. On a hot day these are a god sent for me especially after an outdoor shoot. I find myself reaching for this rather frequently. I really love the cooling and soothing effects & not to mention its hydrating making my skin "chok chok".😘 The packaging is rather travel unfriendly. The flip lid is not 100% spill proof, if you tip it over it will slightly leak. 💯 % repurchasing though, I really love it!😍 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 stars/5 🛒🛍 RM73 benton_official.os @ Shopee MY
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This is a 5 star product. Repurchased to death! I love it × 3000!🥰😍🤩




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Love these!
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Happy to know that you are planning to repurchase it💕
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Thanks for you review!!
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Awesome! Thanks for sharing 🩷

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