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Aqua Balm SPF50+ PA++++




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Aqua Balm SPF50+ PA++++

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This is my favorite product right now - and I’m not even going outside of the house. This leaves my skin so soft - I started using it around my eyes - then my lips were dry and I had it on hand (no weird taste and doesn’t taste like sunscreen) - So now I’ve been using it around the wrinkle lines between my eyes (above my nose 👀) and around my mouth!!! My skin has NEVER felt so smoothe! This 🌟 multifunctional 🌟 stick-type balm leaves skin glowing without a sticky after-feel. A lightweight sunscreen balm that offers UV protection with SPF50+ PA++++ while containing salmon collagen, PDRN and salmon proteoglycan to replenish hydration and nutrients and enhance skin elasticity. Infused with Jeju fermented oil that has a high affinity to moisture present in the skin, allowing it to quickly absorb into skin and prevents natural water loss. Packed with active ingredients by minimizing water content to 0.0001%. Improves the appearance of wrinkles and brightens the skin tone. Contains Bio Fim, a natural double mesh combined with Doty and Spiny Holdback utilizing France patented technology Filmexel.
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I honestly don’t think anything is bad about this product. It is extremely affordable and versatile!




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