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24 Hour Secret Mist

Ground Plan

Ground Plan


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24 Hour Secret Mist

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This is a zero-water mist with an extract of 85% Hamamelis Virginiana (witch hazel). groundplan is a skincare that had a theme can be used by the whole family, even babies. This secret mist has many functions, it can be used as a toner, a soothing mist, as a sheet mask, it can also be used before and after makeup, it can be used for the whole face, body and hair too. The mist is in an aluminum plastic bottles with a size of 60ml (travel size), they also have a 120ml size. I think the sprayer is good that the product spreads out gently touch your face. The texture is very runny, non-sticky and this mist has an fresh orange scent . What i love about this mist ✔️ the sprayer sprays the product evenly. ✔️ very quickly absorbed. ✔️very light and not sticky. ✔️cooling effect is very refreshing. ✔️ very effective in dealing with redness of the skin. ⠀
product review negatives
The moisturizing effect doesn't last long enough. But you can simply spray the mist again and again.




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