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Long Active Eyelash Serum




MinChoLee review for Long Active Eyelash Serum

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Long Active Eyelash Serum

product review positives
I received the🤍Long Active Eyelash Serum🤍for free from Cosnori by winning their 1st giveaway! Thank you so much for this product🤍∩^ω^∩🤍 🤍 What it is: Keeps the eyes from soreness as it maintains the pH level same as our tears. Its water-based & lightweight texture can be absorbed quickly, & can also be used after eyelash extensions without worries. It supplies nutrients & moisture to the eyelashes damaged by perm & extension. Use to care emptying areas of eyebrows & hairline. 🔑Ingredients & Benefits: 🤍Patented Peptide: Healthy gloss & elasticity enhancement 🤍Hyaluronic Acid: Moisturize for a long time 🤍Centella Asiatica Extract: Moisture & nutrition boosting How to use: Use before applying mascara Tip: Use on empty area of eyebrows & hairline Can also be applied in nighttime routine 🤍 My experience: My first impressions of the product were, the eyelash serum feels very cooling as I applied it on my eyelashes. I really like that the applicator has a ball-tip at the end because it was very soft, gentle, & easy to use around the corners of my eyes & directly on my bottom lashes. I’ve been using this every morning for a week & have kind of noticed my eyelashes growing slightly longer. After I applied the product, I felt my eyelashes were hydrated & nourished. My eyelash line didn’t feel irritated & stinging. I love that this felt lightweight on my eyelashes & very absorbent. The finishing for me was non-sticky & soft dry. The texture of this eyelash serum is like a watery gel, very smooth, & thin. The eyelash serum doesn’t have a scent. 🤍 Patch test first! Just because a product works great for someone else doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have the same effect.
product review negatives
There is nothing bad that I can say about this product since it works very well for me.




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Interesting 🤩

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