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Azulene Daily Calming Serum




sparklesandnargles review for Azulene Daily Calming Serum


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Azulene Daily Calming Serum

product review positives
✔️More than anything, this really calms the skin. Sure, it doesn't just make a pimple go away that fast, but I like that this heals the skin from the inside. Like, I think you'd know when your skin is calm and not being crazy on the inside, and this serum really makes the skin smooth and calm, and I love that! Case in point: I have been doing more exfoliation than usual (bec the summer heat has made my skin produce more oil) but my skin does not react badly bec this easily calms it down. ✔️Provides good water-oil balance. I like how even if my combination skin is currently on its oilier state, my skin still does not look as bad as it did past summers ago. ✔️Moisturizes the skin. This seals in all the moisture that I need, and in fact, I have not been using too many sheetmasks lately because somehow, this is already enough. ✔️Good value for money. This is a 50ml bottle that retails for $24.00, and I think that is already a good deal because it is such a big bottle, and a little goes a long way with this. You only need a drop or two, and that's enough to cover the face with its goodness.
product review negatives
I really like this serum and do not have any problems with it. i do recommend that you check this out when you can!




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