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Vitamin C Serum




whitecastfashion review for Vitamin C Serum


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Vitamin C Serum

product review positives
Skin type: Oily/Sensitive Season usage: February ~ present 11℃ ~ 28℃ Other factors: 60-95% Humidity, Occasional rainfall and cold front Length of usage: 35 days ~ present Location: Northern Part of Taiwan Price: NT$340 or US$12 Per ml: NT$11.33 or US$0.40 Ingredient Highlight: Vitamin C (Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate and Ascorbyl Palmitate) Vitamin E (Tocopherol) Glycerin Product claims: Mineral Oil Free, Parabene Free, Paraffin Free, Vegan, suitable for all skin types Packaging: 4/5 I like the orange glittery opaque bottle that protects the product from sunlight. Value for Money: 4/5 This bottle is affordable compared to other Vitamin C serums in the market. It’s a good start for those who wants to begin incorporating Vitamin C in their routine. Texture: 4/5 I’m used to an oil-based Vitamin C serum so the texture of this came as a surprise to me. My oily/sensitive skin likes the light creamy texture. My skin before: Dull with old acne marks My skin after: Brighter and glowy, old acne marks still the same Other things to note: *When using a new Vitamin C serum, it will feel stingy at first and I usually have to adjust for a week or so. This did not happen to me with this product so I believe that the formulation is really light therefore a good serum to start with for those who wants to begin incorporating Vitamin C in their routine. *It’s vegan! The reason why I bought this in the first place!
product review negatives
Accessibility: 1/5 I’ve known this product from an affordable beauty store in Taiwan (小三美)and it’s the only place where this can be bought physically. Although it’s also available on the shop’s website and some unofficial sellers in Shopee, you have to pay additional shipping fee for it. Currently out of stock everywhere here so it seems impossible for me to restock when I finish this bottle. Texture: 4/5 Hard to get enough product in one pump because of its creamy texture. Other things to note: Might not be suitable for those who are used to higher potency Vit C serums.




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я бы ещё купила
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он тоже классный
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I was surprised too! I was drawn by the vegan label, but it was so hard for me to decide what to purchase because I cannot understand German 😂 So had to google first before finally deciding on this one! Any Balea products you would recommend?
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Omg I didn't even know you could get Balea in Taiwan, that's so cool. This is such a thorough review, thank you 👌🏼

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