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Gentle Skin Cleanser




Suriskinsdiary review for Gentle Skin Cleanser


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Gentle Skin Cleanser

product review positives
πŸ’™ About Texture : a gel liquid texture Scent : unscented πŸ’™ Application Because its a gentle cleanser, i suggest to use this at a.m routine, because you need more deeper cleans cor p.m routine. But if you really has a sensitive skin, you can use this at both your a.m and p.m routine. πŸ’™ My thought I used this when i was a teen. But just used this for several months. Its really good for the first time i used this. Makes my face smooth, cleaner, and reduce the appearance my acne. Its lightweight and doesn't makes my skin greasy, dry, tight, and strip. This cleanser doesn't has many many buble, its populer with their little bubles. But i think, its quite good to makes your skin clean.
product review negatives
I stop using this after several months. I dunno, but the effect seems not work on me anymore. I felt like i need more cleanser to clean my skin. I need more deep cleansing pores and calming for my acne.




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