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Caffeine Eye Cream

The Inkey List

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Skincarekitten review for Caffeine Eye Cream

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Caffeine Eye Cream

product review positives
Summary: Lightweight hydrating eye cream that didn't irritate my skin and managed to de-puff my eye area. Details: Before I tried this I thought eye creams are just glorified moisturisers to be very honest. But this one actually proved me wrong! Within one week my eye area was less puffy and I actually looked less tired, which is a miracle in itself. The eye cream itself has a light watery texture without any noticeable smell. It glides onto the skin and easily absorbs. Since it's fragrance and alcohol free I found it not irritating at all. Thanks to the propanediol and other hydrating ingredients I actually found it particularly nice to apply. The Inkey List as a company is cruelty free. This product contains beeswax and is therefore not vegan.
product review negatives
This product is 66€ per 100ml and therefore lies in the higher range of skincare products. However (!) since you only need a very small amount, it's actually an affordable eye cream.




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