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All Clean White Clay Foam




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Face Wash

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All Clean White Clay Foam

product review positives
It cleanses really well and that’s the most important thing for a cleanser, so if you are looking for a working cleanser, it’s definitely one of them. I really like the scent of this cleanser, it smells like clay 😌
product review negatives
Unfortunately, it’s rather drying. I’m not sure if it’s the fault of surfectants and formulation or if it’s meant to be that way because it is a clay based cleanser, but while a drying clay mask from time to time can be ok, cleanser is a daily use product, so in my opinion it shouldn’t be as drying. It leaves your face stripped and when you rinse it off, you can literally hear squeaky clean skin as if you were washing a window. Normally when you wash off a cleanser there is a little bit of slip, but after using this one there is no slip at all, so it’s kinda uncomfortable to rub your hands on your face.




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