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Snail Honey Jelly Mask

ENS Jin Jung Sung

ENS Jin Jung Sung


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Snail Honey Jelly Mask

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My sister and I both tried this out 😆. ✨ This is SUPER moisturizing which I love because I have combination to dry skin. I’ve never tried anything like this with snail secretion. Not gonna lie was a bit turned off by that😅. ✨ it has honey extract, royal jelly extract, propolis extract etc. that mainly targets hydrating the skin and improving its elasticity. ✨It sits comfortably on the skin, it’s not heavy but it is sticky initially. Then it dries on the skin and leaves a slight tacky feeling. I don’t really like that, but I doubt it’s something that can be avoided while still using similar ingredients. ✨I used it after a day when my skin got a lot of time in the sun( with sunscreen 😅, can’t be risking the progress I’ve made). I can tell my skin loved the ingredients because afterwards my skin and my sisters felt smooth and hydrated. ✨ I recommend this mask for anyone who’s skin needs hydration. It’s great for all skin types including sensitive ones but probably most beneficial to dry skin types.
product review negatives
This isnt bad but the thought of snail secretion is just a bit weird to me but the results don’t lie.




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