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Daily Skin Softening Water

Dear, Klairs

Dear, Klairs


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Daily Skin Softening Water

product review positives
Suitable for daily use, this sub-acidic toner contains cucumber water to hydrate, refresh and soothe dry skin, as well as gentle exfoliants like sugar cane extract and citric acid to smooth and soften dull skin. Watery texture with low irritation and viscosity is recommended for those who suffer from hypersensitive skin, excessive dead skin cells and whiteheads. Cruelty free and vegan friendly formula is free of ethanol, silicon, steroids, artificial colorings and fragrances. My thoughts💭 🥒It gives a cooling sensation, calms and soothes my skin instantly without stickiness. For the extra coolness, I love to leave it in the fridge. 🥒It absorbs quickly and make my skin feel so delightful, clean, clearer, brighter and refreshing after use. 🥒Hydrates & exfoliates my skin gently without irritation. 🥒Great for daily use in a humid and warm weather like Singapore. 🥒Extremely effective to treat blemishes, redness and spots. Eliminates excessive dead skin cells and white heads, reduces enlarged pores and fines lines are less visible. 🥒Small amount on one cotton pad will do the work of exfoliating and toning for the whole face. 🥒Great value for such a big bottle and will last a long time. This will be my best Softening Water in my skincare list. 🥒Most suitable for hypersensitivity skin as it contains gentle ingredients that relieve troubled skin condition.
product review negatives
None to comment coz it contains gentle ingredients even suitable for sensitive combo skin




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Thank you for leaving such a helpful review! Sounds like this toner is also good for spot treatment as well general toning!

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