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Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA

The Ordinary

The Ordinary


izmelexxie review for Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA


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Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA

product review positives
NATURAL MOISTURIZING FACTORS + HA Tricky and Naughty Moisturizers in a plain text is SIMPLE. Probably the easiest product to apply in our routine. Quick Product Description: A cream formula which offers non-greasy surface hydration that acts as a direct topical supplement of NMF components, elements that keep the skin well-hydrated. CONTAINS: ✔Allantoin, for Soothing, Healing and Calming. ✔Fatty Acids, considered to be close to comedogenic and not advised if you have sensitive skin. ✔Glycerin, Humectant PACKAGING & USAGE It comes into a 30ml & 100ml tube with just little difference in price so I purchased the 100ml. I use it in my PM routine, just avoiding clogging my pores when used both in my AM & PM routine. TEXTURE & SCENT It actually feels nice. From the look of it, you'll really get the moisture your skin needs. Thick cream that needs to be emulsified. You have to work it well, warm it in your hands, or rub it well before you apply because if not, it's hard to blend it evenly on the face. This product doesn't have fragrance and unlike other unfragranced products that still has smell because of its natural ingredient, this does not have any at all. Thoughts & Experience First impression? Not for oily skin because of its viscosity. But I'm actually amazed and made me curious why I do not produce that much sebum when I used this product especially in my AM routine. Maybe because it's oil-free. Since this contains Hyaluronic Acid, this does effectively RETAINS & LOCKS IN MOISTURE and locks in all the goodies of the products you used before this. How can I say this? Because, when I wash my face in the morning, this product still sits on my face. It did not absorb well, but at the same time it does not not leave my face too oily.
product review negatives
It's hard to emulsify. Contains Fatty Acid Sometimes it stings.




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Great review. Thanks!
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Thank you for ur sharing
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Thanks for sharing!

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