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The Minimum Facial Cleanser




Vichu review for The Minimum Facial Cleanser

Face Wash

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The Minimum Facial Cleanser

product review positives
This foam cleanser is very similar to the famous Etude House Soon Jung pH 6.5 Whip Cleanser. The pump dispenser makes the liquid type cleanser to become this nice, dense, super soft foam. The texture is probably slightly better than Etude House, if you can even compare since they are both so soft. Because it  has a gentle formula that is mildly acidic, this cleanser is very gentle on skin. First of all the foam is so soft there is no friction to skin at all. It feels very nice rubbed against skin, as weird as that sounds. The cleanser didn't leave my skin stripped or dried. It didn’t hydrate my skin either, just left it in a clean state. It’s a really great option if you have sensitive skin or if you want a cleanser that doesn’t dry you out. I use this as my morning cleanser and in the evening as a second cleanser, and it is perfect for that.
product review negatives
The con is that the packaging is small. That is most likely due to short period-after-opening which is only 3 months, compared to the usual 12 months. This is because the cleanser has no preservatives. So it’s fine if you commit and finish it within 3 months, otherwise it might not be a good idea to get it.




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