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| 8 April, 2021

good review
I’m acne prone, so I use these patches VERY often. It’s advised to be put on clean, dry skin, but I like to do my whole night routine, then put them on any pimples that I think can benefit from it. I leave them on overnight and take them off in the morning. It’s very satisfying (and slightly disgusting) when I peel it off and see all the white nasties on it. I really like them because ✅ They help flatten out even large pimples by sucking out all the gunk. ✅ The adhesive is quite strong. The patches do not slip and slide (like other brands) even when I put them on after skincare. They also hold up pretty well overnight and stay on the pimple without budging. ✅ The patches come in different sizes. Perfect for small and large pimples. Sometimes if I have a few pimples that are close together, I just put on a large one to cover them all. ✅ They help prevent picking. ✅ The packaging is quite hygienic as you can seal it back up after opening. ✅ They are great under masks to prevent the mask from snagging on any dry skin or scabs. ✅ They are relatively cheap and accessible through various online 3rd party skincare retailers. I purchased them from YesStyle and JOLSE (cheaper).
bad review
❌ They do not work too well for pimples that are very deep under the skin. ❌ Because the adhesive is so strong, it can leave a sticky residue behind, but it’s nothing that a cleanser can’t take care of. ❌ I wish they contained more patches per pack. As someone who is acne prone, I go through these quite fast.




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