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Peel Off Mask




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Peel-off Masks

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Peel Off Mask

product review positives
šš‘šŽšƒš”š‚š“ šƒš„š“š€šˆš‹ šŸ§ š““š“®š“¼š“¬š“»š“²š“¹š“½š“²š“øš“· : Activated charcoal mask designed to target toxins and draw out impurities instantly. šŸ§ š“”š“¼š“¼š“®š“·š“½š“²š“Ŗš“µ š“’š“øš“¶š“¹š“øš“·š“®š“·š“½š“¼ : charcoal powder šŸ§ š“•š“øš“»š“¶ : liquid and too runny ššØš­š¢šØš§ šŸ§ š“Ÿš“»š“øš“¼ : ā™” This charcoal mask is simple and easy to apply on the skin. I only applied this on my T zone as i found that parts there were blackheads and visible pores. It only did its job by shrinking my pores and made my blackheads became more invisible. I didnt felt so pain, but it still has the pain on my skin whenever peeling the mask off. A lil different than nose strips. This peeling off mask also didnt left my skin redness. In fact it brighten up the skin šŸ˜‚ and i liked .. ouffff so strange. It softer the T zone skin parts and fresher them. Its fragrance so relaxing my mind and i loved the scent šŸ¤¤. It made my nose addicted to smell the mask šŸ˜†. š‘ššš­š¢š§š  ā˜†ā˜†/5 ~ š‚šØš§šœš„š®š¬š¢šØš§ šŸ§ š“£š“Ŗš“»š“°š“®š“½ : I would recommend for who with oily skin, combination to oily and who concerns to visible pores.
product review negatives
šŸ§ š“’š“øš“·š“¼ : ā—‡ The invisible blackheads became revisible šŸ˜”. This peeling off mask not really effective to reduce my blackheads. In fact, it pulling out the wrong thing i.e. hair on my skin. This also really not recommended for sensitive skin as it contained fragrance and some of sensitive skin might experienced redness after peeling off the mask from the skin.




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