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Zero Cleanser




Iamvan review for Zero Cleanser


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Zero Cleanser

product review positives
❄️ Packaging- comes in a 120ml plastic tube ❄️ Texture - creamy ❄️ Price - affordable ❄️ Thoughts and Experience This cleanser first and foremost has a good lather, wash away the dust and dirt on my skin really well. It can breakdown light makeup, and it washes nicely, no residue or any soapy feeling. Mt skin did not get irritated and flaky with this cleanser. It also has a subtle scent but it did not bothered me.
product review negatives
❄️ But for a dry skin girl like me, this cleanser is still drying. ❄️ Overall This is a fine cleanser. But it's drying for me. I personally don't like foam cleanser. The only times i would reach for foam cleanser is if they have aha/bha or salysilic in them and this cleanser don't have those. ❄️Repurchase??? No. It's dry ❄️Recommend??? I'm sorry. No. I will only recommend foam cleanser if they have aha/bha or salysilic in them so they have a fair reason why they're drying. But for a moisturizing cleanser i would recommend gel, milk or cream cleanser.




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Nice to know, I almost bought it until I saw your review 😂

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