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| 11 April, 2021

good review
I’ve tried a lot of moisturizers but nothing comes close to this one! It has a cooling sensation the first few days I used this. Absorbed by the skin quickly, it’s lightweight & dries matte! Perfect to use underneath makeup and for a night time routine as well! (But honestly, don’t use that much makeup anymore since I tried this 😅) Last December, I experienced a major breakout due to atopic dermatitis combined with a food allergy. Worst adult acne of my life! I’ve tried lots of different skincare products to help with the acne, the scars that followed, as well as my greasy t-zone but only this, together with the new Stay Fresh toner, did the job! In just 3 days, my acne and irritation has subsided and grease is so much less now! PLUS this is the easiest 2-step skincare set I have to do (after cleanser) I keep this on my bedside table so whenever I get lazy at night, It’s super easy to reach for it coz it’s just 2 steps! After 10 days of using this, my face is the clearest it has been for years! It’s going to be hard to beat this duo!
bad review
NONE!!! Get this!! So good!!




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