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Centella Unscented Serum




Vichu review for Centella Unscented Serum


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Centella Unscented Serum

product review positives
Scent: Very pleasant unscented product smell. I think it smells like water mixed with a lot of sugar lol. Texture: Perfect serum texture, lightweight and easily glides on skin without any effort. Not runny like water though, it does have body to it. It doesn’t feel sticky or heavy on my skin at all, and absorbs in easily. Experience: I've mostly had a great experience using this serum. The texture is very pleasant and hydrating, and the serum feels very gentle on my skin. I know it has great ingredients that wield amazing benefits. However, my skin did react to this. Yup, something that is unscented and that has many great reviews amongst sensitive skin people, my skin just had to decide to react to this. The reaction did not happen every single time, mainly only when my skin was already a bit irritated or just not in “normal” state. I know it is this product because the reaction happened immediately after applying the serum. It would probably be best described as an allergic reaction. My skin got flushed, heated and itchy af. Sometimes the reaction was milder and sometimes very bad. The mild reaction was a tingling sensation too, which I don’t like. So unfortunately even though I know I would’ve enjoyed using this serum, I can’t continue to use it after this bottle due to the reaction. I also can’t attest to any other possible beneficial effects because the reaction was overpowering my face. I know many people with sensitive skin have enjoyed it, so I wouldn’t be scared to try it out. Skincare is trial and error after all. + recommend for any skin type, especially sensitive skin + super great ingredients, loads of Centella ingredients + very pleasant texture that absorbs easily + very hydrating + affordable price + vegan and cruelty-free
product review negatives
- unfortunately didn’t work for my skin :(




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