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SA Smoothing Cleanser




hina review for SA Smoothing Cleanser

Face Wash

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SA Smoothing Cleanser

product review positives
* This cleanser has a simple yet effective ingredient list. (Tap to see whole review.) ✨ Key ingredients: * Salicylic acid: BHA (exfoliant), anti-inflammatory * Glycerin: A humectant, drawing moisture in *Ceramides: forming skinbarrier, keeping moisture locked in * Niacinamide: Brighntening, Oil control *Gluconolactone: PHA (exfoliant) * Hyaluronic Acid: Humectant ✨Texture: It is a liquid gel cleanser. If you rub it a lot on your skin, it’ll get a little bubbly. ✨ Experience: It’s very easy to spread onto the skin and you don’t need a lot of product to cover the whole face. It prevents small beak outs and helps with Sebaceous filaments (will not clear them completely, it’s only a cleanser!) ✨Price+Size: 236 ml/7,9 oz. Ranges between 7-11€. Available in many online shops/drugstores and thats what i love about it! ✨ Conclusion: A good Cleanser for people with lightly acneproneskin! It might not fully clean deep acne vulgaris but help prevent blemishes. I personally love and use this cleanser every day and my skin is slowly recovering from break outs! 4/5 🌟 UPDATE: I love this cleanser but i found bit of a rusty, reddish liquid inside of the bottle. Maybe Mold? I will therefore withdraw a star.
product review negatives
It smells like rubber and i don‘t like the texture of it. It‘s also not cruelty-free, therefore i‘ll withdraw a 🌟 UPDATE: It seems like mold or something grew ik the pump. Picture attached. I love how this cleanser performs but this is an absolute No-Go!




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Omg i wanna try
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this review helped me a lot! thank you 🤍✨

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