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7 Moisture Soothing Toner

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7 Moisture Soothing Toner

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-About the product This is a hydrating toner that contains so many soothing agent such as artemisia, centella asiatica and greentea, it also has hyaluronic acid in it. -Packaging The toner comes in a see through plastic bottle with white sticker and a white big cap. The packaging is tall, tallest among my collection. -Texture It has a similar texture to pyun kangyul essence toner, pretty thick liquid. For the application, i always use my hands and pad lightly onto the skin. I didnt notice any scent in this product so i think this is a good one for you who have sensitive skin. -Result I absolutely love this product, it gives me the hydration i need while im fasting in this ramadhan. This also calms my redness due to those amazing soothing ingredients. I also use this with CSM method and i love this product even more!!!
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I love this product, so i dont have any objection❤️




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