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Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel




shafatc review for Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel


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Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel

product review positives
i'll be reviewing one of my holy grail for soothing & calming my skin, Benton Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel! this product is kindly gifted by @go.picky @pickyrewards @bentoncosmetic in exchange for my honest review. tbh i've been using this product since January 2021 and coincidentally when mine was running out, I got another new one from Picky & Benton. yippie!!! thankyou picky!🤩😛 this soothing gel contains: 🌿Aloe vera : soothing, moisture, nutrition 🍯 Propolis : soothing, protection to see the full ingredients, benefits, and attributes of this product, pls look at slide 2. 🧴this soothing gel is packed in a 100ml green flip-top tube (6M PAO). the size of the hole to get the gel out is just right, so it won't come out too much or overflow. the thing i like the most is, all the boxes of Benton products are 100% made of sugarcane paper & the text written on the box is printed using soy ink. it's biodegradable & environmentally friendly🥺💚 💦it has clear gel texture & smells like aloe vera gel in general. it's super lightweight, easy to absorb, and non-sticky. before i received this one from picky, i thought it has reformulated bcz i've read some reviews from my moots that it has yellowish color and they said it smells really bad. it was very different from mine which I purchased myself before. so i do some research and what i found from Benton's website is... it's not reformulated, the color & the fragrance may be differ depending on the crop situation (season in which the ingredients has been collected or climate change). 💭my skin used to experience itches, redness, swollen, and a lot of small pimples appeared after undergoing treatment at the esthetician. my skin was like that for almost a week and I finally decided to buy Benton Aloe Propolis bcz I read some reviews on Twitter. I applied a thick layer of it to my skin before i slept and the morning after that, the redness & itches on my skin immediately gone! i was like?!?!? huh, fr?!?! why didn't i do that sooner???!!!😫✋ conclusions: ✅it's effective in calming/soothing stressed skin & reducing redness. ✅it's a perfect choice of moisturizer to use in the summer. ✅it leaves skin moisturized & hydrated without feeling greasy or sticky (those who got the yellowish gel texture pls don't come after me for saying this😂✌🏻). 🙅‍♀️helps fade acne scars? i think no. brighten the skin complexion? nope. just a lil tips: we can put it in the fridge for extra cooling effects🥶 thanks for reading!^^ #pickyreview #gopicky #Bentonpicky #BentonAloePropolisSoothingGel #Benton @go.picky @go.picky.id @pickyrewards @bentoncosmetic @bentoncosmetic_id
product review negatives
Unfortunately, on my dry skin, moisturizer in gel form doesn't mosturizing enough, so I usually do layering moisturizers. Maybe this moisturizer will be perfect for oily skin. And it's also unfortunate that the PAO is only 6 months.




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love this gel,hit of this season✨
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Thank you for your review ❤ Im very excited to try this product.

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