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Green Tea Fresh Toner




shintahasanesta review for Green Tea Fresh Toner


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Green Tea Fresh Toner

product review positives
How refreshing! It's the word that first appears to describe this toner. This is the first Isntree product that caught my heart. Lots of good reviews about this product on Picky so I bought it. The first impression is of course the unique texture of the product which is brown and watery like black tea in general. The scent is no less interesting, fresh as if you smell the morning tea in the mountains. (forgive my imagination) This product contains several antioxidant and soothing ingredients, namely Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract & Beta-Glucan. I've been using it for the last few months, with both palms without using the cotton pad since I'm afraid the product will soak into it and be wasted. As a result, the oil production on my skin is better controlled and my face feels refreshed afterwards.
product review negatives
Since it contains an astringent in it (Salix Alba Bark Extract), I only use this product 2-3x a week. I've tried to use it twice a day or almost every day, but my skin appears redness. I also don't like the texture which is too runny, so sometimes the product spills everywhere when I use both my palms for application. (I'm classified as a reckless person. 😌) Besides, the hydrating effect of this product is not what I expected. It is more refreshing to the skin as I mentioned rather than hydrating.




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ty so much for sharing!!
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thank you for your review. this is so refreshing but now I know what to look for that is causing my red cheeks. it really help with controlling my combination skin. like you I am going to move to every other day once a day. I think that will be plenty.
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hahaha a “reckless person” lol I can relate at times!!!!

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