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My Wishlist!☺️

My Wishlist!😊

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Fractionated Eye-Contour Concentrate

Fractionated Eye-Contour Concentrate product review
Fractionated Eye-Contour Concentrate product review



This little joy in a bottle is the Fractionated Eye-Contour Concentrate (FECC) from @niod part of the @deciem family, along with @theordinary I won this last year as part of a collection, and recently was able to fit it into my routine in a meaningful way! Eye care is the top of my list, for whatever reasons; genetics, hormones, poor choices 🤷🏻‍♀️🤔 I have the worst eye bags, and it truly makes me crazy. Nothing short of surgery will actually fix them, but that doesn’t mean I wont try every product available to try and improve the skin in that area, and slow further damage. This serum, in a cute little brown glass bottle, that you use 2x a day, in the area around your eyes, is a powerhouse You can use an eye cream along with this, but I found it to be moisturizing enough that I don’t have to if I don’t want to. It can be a bit of a pain to apply, the whole dropper, and only needing a tiny bit, around the eyes requires caution, but it is amazing stuff! Amazing, I mean for the price of $70 for 1/2 and ounce it better be 🤣 My friends, this is LOADED with good stuff, it’s designed to target crows feet, puffiness, and dark circles, combing “28 clinical technologies” ~~~> I highly suggest heading to their website and reading about some of these, it is fascinating stuff This combines multiple peptides, Hyaluronic acids, collagen, yeast ferment, vitamins, marine algae complex’s, niacinamide, and extracts in such an interesting way. I feel like this is one I’m going to want to replace, so I’m hoping it lasts a long time 😂😂😂 if you’re eye area is something you want to target, this baby is a phenomenal tool to do that. Highly recommend at the very least checking it out and learning about all the tech they are incorporating . Have you tried this? Wondering what your thoughts are. This is my first product from Niod and I’m impressed.

Fractionated Eye-Contour Concentrate

Fractionated Eye-Contour Concentrate

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