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Fundamental Eye Awakening Gel

Dear, Klairs

Dear, Klairs


CarolRolzyy review for Fundamental Eye Awakening Gel

Eye Creams

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Fundamental Eye Awakening Gel

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This moisturizer is 35ml, sounds really generous right? Yes it does but in all honesty, it is just the perfect amount. Why? All you need is just a small press of the pump because a little bit goes a long way. The texture of this gel is very lightweight and it absorbs very quickly on the skin. Instantly my eye area feels cool, hydrated and refreshed as this contains caffeine and red bean extract to maintain that clean and fresh look. This gel is also meant to de-puff eyes and I can safely say, when I don't get a proper 8 hour sleep, this really does de-puff my eye area. What I also love about this gel, you can even apply it on any area of the skin that appears to be dull. Love the fact that this is vegan, cruelty free and unscented.
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Thank u so much for ur review
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Lovely review. Thank you for sharing.

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