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Cicapair Sleepair Ampoule-in Mask

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| 30 June, 2021

good review
What is does: "Offers intensive hydrating and boosting care for tired skin, restoring dewy, smooth skin express during your sleep. Through 6 kinds of outstanding effect of moisturizing, improvements for skin elasticity, skin tone, skin texture, radiance and lifting after the first usage. Helps recover sensitive, damaged skin while strengthening skin barrier and forms protective shield." Review: Before this I never knew what people were talking about when they said the consistency of a product was beautiful, but now I most definitely do. This has a luxurious feel to it and glides across the skin. The first morning and every other time I've used this my skin has felt oh so soft ~ I could definitely see the difference even after the first use, just like it claims. My skin is super dehydrated so I have always used really thick moisturizers but even though is is more like a 'jelly' consistency I find it more hydrating than those thicker moisturizers. This sinks in nearly instantly, even when I slather on a tonne of it! In saying that, it can be sticky if I do put a lot on. It can leave my face shiny but considering it's a sleep mask it really doesn't matter, it'll get absorbed in the night. I've been using this for a month now, every other night. The redness I've had around my nose and cheeks is less noticeable. My skin is so supple as of late, I love this! Definitely HG status.
bad review
It doesn't come with a spatula, which I wish it did due to hygiene reasons. Sticky if you really pack it on, best to put it on an hour or two before bed of you want to do this.




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