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Intensive Hydrating Serum with Green Tea Seed




BEAUTYENZO review for Intensive Hydrating Serum with Green Tea Seed


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Intensive Hydrating Serum with Green Tea Seed

product review positives
Apparently, this is Innisfree’s Best Selling Product. I have mixed feelings about this product. It’s a semi-thick liquid serum that feels sticky upon application. Though it does dry down to a smooth dewy finish and feels light and comfortable on the skin. It’s super hydrating & nourishing and I wake up with plump, supple skin whenever I use this. ▪️ Hygienic and travel friendly packaging. ▪️ Light on the skin. ▪️ Leaves a natural sheen. ▪️ Non oily and non greasy. ▪️ Hydrates instantly. ▪️ Keeps skin hydrated for long time. ▪️ Makes skin smooth, supple and hydrated.
product review negatives
if I used this serum for more than three days continuously, I tend to get tiny bumps and whiteheads. So I had to give it a break in between whilst using this product. I assume it’s because of the fragrance in it since I don’t see any acne-triggering ingredients. The price point may look expensive, but one bottle will easily last 6 months. In terms of results, it’s not a miracle product. I can tell that it’s a nice hydrator that plumps up the skin. But that is all! The overpowering fragrance is a major turn-off for me and I don’t see myself repurchasing this and also it have alcohol in it🤧




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thanks for yr truthful review❣️ I'm feeling the same, it kinda clogs my pores when using it for a longer term. I suspect the Green tea seed oil may be too rich for me

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