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| 5 July, 2021

good review
Do you really need a mist? Don't get me wrong, but during the summer mists save my life, when I go to sleep I like to spray my face, neck and usually my limbs to feel a bit more refreshed. During the day, I spray the mist to feel a bit better and colder, plus as I said before my skin is dry and it gives me additional moisture. I tried Cream Skin Refiner first and then went for the mist. The packaging has the same white & blue aesthetic, but don't expect glass here, it's a plastic bottle. The scent of Laneige Cream Skin Refiner Mist is similar to toner. This mist is very light, you can use it on your makeup. To be honest I don't even remember when I bought the mist. I'm pretty sure I went with my friend and accidentally bought it because I just wanted to try it. The Cream Skin Pads are not available in Europe yet. Usually, we think about mists as useless products, but this one is an answer to skin dryness, especially during the summer if you drive with the air condition on or you live in a place where summer is dry and winter is humid then you'll appreciate extra moisture to your skin. I would only recommend you gently tap the moisture after your spray your face to avoid dehydration. This type of mist has small droplets which work with makeup.
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Only low availability might be a problem




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7 December, 2021

great review! wanna try this
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