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Calming Balance Day Cream

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Calming Balance Day Cream

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All Day Glow Calming Balance Day Cream Key Ingredients: 102,300ppm Artemisia Water 60,000ppm Panthenol 6 Kinds of Hyaluronic Acids 5 Kinds of Ceramides Cholesterol Fatty Acids Peptides Centella Asiatica Extract Packaging: It comes in a 50mL squeeze tube, making it easy to dispense the product. Texture: The cream has a rich and thick consistency that most ceramide moisturizers are known for. Experience/Review: When I first tried this product, I knew instantly that my skin will only be able to tolerate it as a night moisturizer, albeit the "day cream" label seen on the packaging. If you've tried Illiyoon's Ceramide Ato Concentrate Cream, you'd find this product from All Day Glow a lot lighter and more bearable on oily skin. It has no added perfuming ingredient, though it smells faintly of Artemisia, which makes sense since it's at the top of the ingredients list. It surprisingly gets absorbed by the skin easier and faster than what you'd expect from a typical ceramide cream. I haven't tried it during the day yet so I can't say whether or not it can get in the way of layering your daytime skincare nor if it'll make your sunscreen pill. It leaves a sheer sheen or dewy effect on the face once it sets, which surprisingly doesn't feel tacky at all. Verdict: My oily skin loved this cream and I'll continue to buy it since it's fairly affordable and easily accessible through Shopee (Asian online shopping app). But what really take the cake are the ingredients of this cream - it's jampacked with a lot of goodies that our skin needs! All in all, I consider this as one of the best ceramide creams on the market given its price point and consistency.
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