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| 17 August, 2021

good review
Hi chuu~ So I want to share a retinol product that I've been using for the past few months, a product from SomeThinc. What's so interesting about this serum retinol? This serum uses Gentinol-200 encapsulation technology from Korea, where this technology makes the formulation stable, not easy to oxidize, has a pH of 5-6 which is equivalent to the pH of the skin, thereby reducing the risk of irritation to the skin, and can also create a protective layer on the skin so that it makes skin is not easily dehydrated. The texture is watery, at first glance it looks like oil, but when you apply it to your skin, it's really runny like water, it absorbs quickly, it's layered with anything, it's delicious, it's not heavy at all, and it smells fresh and has a slightly sour fermented smell. I've been using this serum for 2 months, since the first time I used it I liked its performance, it's really gentle on my skin, it doesn't dry out at all, even when I first used it my skin was fussy and there were a few pimples. it makes my skin plump, so when you touch it, it feels good (menul-menul). When it comes to layering, I've layered it with bakuchiol, it makes my skin feel really smooth, then using niacinamide makes my skin plump and soft, layering with an exfoliator doesn't dry it out, it's still moisturised, which is nice. It contains Glycerin, Collagen, Ceramide-3, Allantoin, and Hyaluronic acid so the formulation doesn't dry out my skin, it stays moisturized. For those who are looking for a retinol product that works gently but has a dull effect on acne, you can try this product. And keep in mind that each person's experience is different, so pay attention to hydration of your skin too when using retinol products, the drying effect can still be handled well. #Afandiary #PR
bad review
No bad reaction and i love this product so much




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