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| 31 August, 2021

good review
Hi hi all my pickles 🤩 Let me share my thoughts towards my new sleeping mask. I already posted on my tiktok, but here are the detail of the product. Dr. Jart, Sleepair Ampoule in Mask What it is: An overnight mask that calms redness and quickly improves skin texture to a healthy hydrated looking skin in the morning without feeling any greasy. What it does: to soothe and repair skin at night while you were enjoying your sleep! It also helps to limit the water loss, and improve the skin textures. How to use: last step of your pm skincare routine, rinse off in the morning Skin types: Dry, Normal, oily, combo, and Sensitive Texture: creamy glass gel, none greasy lightweight Fragrance: None Size: 110ml Skin concern: dullness, dryness, uneven Final: I have dry sensitive skin which is hard for me to look for sth that suitable for it. I found this on Picky, which were recommended by many picky squad. So I decided to purchase. This overnight sleeping mask does it job surprisingly well. Recently, I’ve many breakout, redness, and itchiness and this product help to calm that down 80%. The texture is so lightweight and I feel really once I applied it on cos it make my skin cool down quickly. I don’t smell anything with this product, like nothing at all, tbh. It does make my skin a little bit smoother, and pluming. Super hydrating and soothing 😩 Overall, It’s pleasant to use, really does the job on my dehydrated and sensitized combination skin, and leaves it moisturized and soothed without feeling too rich. Recommend to use 3 times per week P.s I use everyday heheh 10/10
bad review
This product has no cons to me. Perfect holy grail product.


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