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A-Passioni Retinol Cream

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SushiRiya review for A-Passioni Retinol Cream


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A-Passioni Retinol Cream

product review positives
Firstly i would say that you won't see results instantly, you would need at least 2 weeks to see results. Purging will happen, it's something unavoidable with Retinol and if you are a beginner, please do a patch test first and only use a pea size amount as it's a very strong product. If you feel it's drying your skin, then mix it with one of the serums or moisturiser and NEVER forget Spf if you are using A PASSIONI, it's an unwritten rule. Now let me tell me you what I felt while using it. Last year I was facing acne issue and nothing helped that time until I started using A Passioni this March. My skin cleared up after months of suffering and I did faced some purging initially but it was mild. It lightened my acne scars, texture of my skin improved and made my skin tone even too. This is an amazing product but use it carefully. And the packaging has been changed into an air tight container.
product review negatives
There's nothing wrong about this product, it works 100%. It even worked for my friend who has sensitive skin, she just followed the Sandwich method to apply the Retinol. Nothing wrong will happen if you are careful enough. Only downside is the pricing but given that this product goes for almost over an year, I can't even complain about the pricing.




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