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Bakuchiol Retinol Alternative Soothing Serum

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| 13 December, 2021

good review
Herbivore is one of my favorite brands, from their luxurious packaging and feel to their well formulated products. This buckachiol serum, retinol alternative serum, is up there. I decided to splurge a bit for the holidays to treat myself and it is definitely worth it. The brand is vegan and cruelty-free! The main ingredient is the Ayurvedic Babchi Plant which is buckachiol! It also contains aloe vera to help with soothing the skin. It targets fine lines and wrinkles. It gives my skin a smooth feeling and am using it in my early 20s to start myself on my antiaging journey. This product is gentle enough for all skin types and is a gentle version of the traditional retinol which is known to be too harsh for senstivie skin. Retinol is also notorious for being drying but I havent had that issue at all.
bad review
This product is definitely on the more expensive end and there are very similar products at a lower price point but I did buy this specifically as a splurge product so i dont mind much. I will say this does make my skin feel tacky/sticky.




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