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Natural Repair Serum




skinwithbes review for Natural Repair Serum


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Natural Repair Serum

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At first, I have no expectations of this serum as it seems just like another boring serum that plays off with words like “calming”, “soothing” and “repairing” without being able to deliver such. What can I say is I have been wronged – this serum is excellent! It has a thick, viscous gel – almost gummy-like – but is still lightweight enough. Though it can be quite tacky at first, the tackiness will disappear after a few seconds. It has no scent, either so that is a plus point for sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin or your skin always encounters irritation or inflammation, this might be your best option. I know, some of us are quite tired of ingredients like Oat Meal, Centella Asiatica, and Green Tea so, with the emphasis on Red Ginseng in this formulation, it does offer the same amount of soothing effect – better, at times – but with much more uniqueness. I notice how it helps to reduce my skin flushing & blotchiness while toning down my redness & itchiness. Plus, it also helps to bring back my radiance, revealing a much more uplifted, healthier-looking skin. I thought the price would be higher and it is pretty reasonable, considering the number of ingredients.
product review negatives
The tackiness can be a little bit bothersome but as far as my usage, I find it bearable and still manageable – does not give any uncomfortable experience. Overall, this is surprisingly a quite nice serum that is effective for skin nourishment while continuously repairing and healing the skin barrier. I can see people with sensitive skin loving this when their skin causes a little bit of trouble.




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Thanks for your informative review

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