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My Lash Serum




dailyyeliah review for My Lash Serum

Eye Care

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My Lash Serum

product review positives
It's really effective when you use it for the first time. When I first used this, the first few weeks my lashes grew longer and I could feel the difference a lot. I have quite weak underlashes so I found this product really great when first purchased. I also find that when I use I again after taking a break from it, I realize how weak my lashes were before. I'd recommend this to those who are looking for a cheap eye lash serum that is effective for weak lashes, but it does have its limits.
product review negatives
However now that I've been using this product for over a year, I've emptied 3 bottles, there isn't a huge difference every single time I use it. I feel like now this is more of a part of my skincare routine than something that I look for only sometimes (like mask packs). Another bad side to this product is that your eyes can feel slightly stingy after applied, I think this is mostly because I use cleansing balms to remove my mascara and I put too much uh pressure? On my lashes already.




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