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Pure Cleansing Oil




brokeforskincare review for Pure Cleansing Oil

Oil Cleansers

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Pure Cleansing Oil

product review positives
✅ Alcohol-free (Ethanol / Alcohol Denat.) ✅ Soothes skin with Tea Tree Leaf Oil, Green Tea Leaf Extract, and Aloe Leaf Extract. ✅ Moisturizes skin with Squalane and Vitamin E (Tocopherol) I’m currently using this as my oil cleanser and I love how well this immediately emulsifies with water. Formulated with 14 plant oil ingredients such as Grape Seed, Soybean, and Olive Fruit, the product claims to have “99.73 detergency” to cleanse the skin of sebum, blackheads, makeup, and dirt. While I haven’t seen how well the cleansing oil removes makeup, I like how it removes the sunscreen (or the weight of heavier sunscreen formulations) on my face. *Purchased. All reviews are my own opinion.
product review negatives
❗️The cleansing oil has a thick texture. I find that 1-2 pumps of the product aren’t enough for me to smoothly massage my face while cleansing. While the product has 200 ml, I have used 1/4 of cleansing oil as I usually use 3-4 pumps for my hands to glide easily on my skin. ❗️The product has a faint citrus scent as it contains Orange oil and Lavender oil which may irritate sensitive skin.




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great product

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